First Aid Angels is now offering first aid qualifications accredited by an OFQUAL recognised organisation - QUALSAFE that meet OFSTED requirements.

The Paediatric first aid at work 2 day course is a level 3 RQF award.

The qualification is designed for people who have a specific responsibility at work, or in voluntary and community activities, to provide First Aid to children (including babies) when dealing with an emergency situation such as Teachers, au pairs and playgroup leaders, looking after young children.

The course covers the basics of First Aid but with the emphasis on younger children and meets Ofsted requirements for registered child-minders and nannies under the Approved Carers Scheme.

The Health and Safety Regulations 1981 requires employers to provide suitable First Aid equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they become injured or ill at work.

This QUALSAFE two-day course is practically as well as theoretically based once the courses are completed, our students are assessed continually in their practical sessions and they have a Multiple Choice question papers too and, if successful, will become recognised first aiders with a Qualsafe approved certificate valid for three years.

All of our Qualsafe First Aid courses can take a maximum of 12 students, each of whom receives a First Aid manual, certification and registration as well as gaining the knowledge and confidence to become a competent first aider.

Paediatric first aid (RQF) 2 day Course Content

Day 1- Unit 1

The Role of the Paediatric First Aider

  • Role responsibilities, infection control, consent, accident forms and first aid equipment.
  • Assessment of an Emergency Situation and Your Actions Scene survey, Primary survey, Calling for help.
  • CPR
  • Management of a Seizure
  • The Unconscious Casualty and recovery position
  • Choking
  • Wounds and Bleeding
  • Shock
  • Anaphylaxis.
  • Multiple Choice Question Paper
  • Continual Practical assessment

Day 2 - Unit 2

  • Fractures, Dislocations and Slings
  • Head, Neck and Back Injuries and manual inline stabilisation (MILS)
  • Ear, Nose and Eye Conditions
  • Medical Conditions: Sickle cell Syndrome, Diabetes ,Asthma and Meningitis
  • Febrile Convulsions
  • Extremes of Heat and Cold
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Electric Shock
  • Poisonous Substances
  • Bites and Stings
  • Multiple Choice Question Paper Assessment
  • Continual Practical assessment

Paediatric Training Package

  • 2 x 6 hour sessions minimum
  • Interactive hands-on Practical training
  • one CPR training manikin per 3 participants
  • Easy to follow manuals
  • Power point presentations
  • Interactive questioning, Continual assessments
  • Qualsafe Award Level 3
  • Multiple choice question papers

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Changes for 2017

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* It is essential that adequate provision is made at all times people are at work. Employers therefore need to ensure there is cover for annual leave and other planned absences of first-aiders or appointed persons. Employers should also consider what cover is needed for unplanned and exceptional absences such as sick leave or special leave due to bereavement.